Propagate by soaking in water?

musicgirl99April 16, 2014

Just checking... Is it possible to propagate any Japanese maple by soaking a branch with new growth on it (spring season) ?

This is my 2nd year trying to pick seeds in the fall, store in fridge with moist soil for 90 days, and then see if any sprout... but it's not happening. Can some jm seeds take longer to begin growing once they've been in the fridge and then put into little containers with some soil (per instructions I've read)?

Thank you!

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Soaking in water is not a great method :-) You can propagate JM's from softwood cuttings in early summer but they need rooting hormone and a proper growing medium. And heat.

Never tried growing from seed - need more immediate gratification and want only named forms (which are not obtainable from seed). But I have gathered seedlings from under mature JM's and shared with friends. If that is at all possible look for some of those. Or perhaps one of our seed growing regulars will chime in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating JM's by cuttings

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Thank you! Now I just need to figure out what a blood red JM seedling looks like... We have several red maples & a few JMs in the yard. Do they look very different before they've grown some? I'm having some trouble differentiating between the two (also posted this question in JM forum). :) Thank you!

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

I usually do what Gardengal48 does, just dig them up from under or near seed bearing maples.
I have planted seeds in flats and left them out in the shade for the winter and then potted them in the spring after they sprouted. I have also spread the seeds on a raked raised bed in the Fall and then lightly covered the seeds with soil. They come up like grass seed in the Spring.
If you are just now planting them after a winter in the fridge I would wait a little longer for them to sprout. I've had them sprout in the Spring in the refrigerator after being in the salad drawer for the winter. Outside is easier, according to my wife.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden

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