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Anne_Marie_Alb(5)February 1, 2010

Follow-up on this thread: PPP

Subscribers may be the last ones to know..

This is what I learned reading the column by Tom Atwell in the Sunday Press Herald yesterday:

Rick Churchill (one of the writers of the magazine) announced:

PPP has ceased publication, although Paul Tukey has made no official announcement. There has not been an issue for eight months, and issues were sporadic before that.

Tuckey, contacted by e-mail, said the magazine is not yet officially dead. "It is still listed for sale by a Portland broker," he wrote, "and several entities are interested in acquiring the title to move it forward in some fashion. Until that happens, we've been holding off making an announcement." He hopes to notify subscribers by March 1.

Although I'm very disappointed in the way this was handled, I will miss the magazine.


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I caught the last minute or so of an interview with Paul by our local morning television news show this morning. He was talking about the Portland Flower show. Didn't catch much of what was talked about. Did anyone get the whole interview and did he say anything about the magazine? NancyLouise

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