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notesApril 23, 2007

Anybody have pics, or info on size, growth rate (zone 5) , etc..

I've done searches, but haven't come up with much.


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Size and growth rates will be similar to that of 'october glory' and 'autumn flame' (not 'autumn blaze' as it is a freeman cross). I'd say about 30-40 ft high and 20-30 ft wide in about 20 to 30 years (getting possibly twice that size in about forever). The tree shape is also similar to these two being oval to rounded.

Here is one site that has a pic of the fall colors (not sure if you saw it):

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Thank you.
Yep. I saw that one. Can't seem to find any pics of the whole tree.
Those colors are beautiful, though.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

"The primary attribute of this tree which commanded my attention was its true magenta fall leaf color which is a brilliant, eye-catching red-violet. My observation that the parent tree had superior fall leaf color was confirmed by experts at the Kansas State University arboretum who compared leaves from the parent with those of various cultivars including `Red Sunset,` October Glory,` and standard trees of the Acer rubrum species. Trees of the species have fall leaf color ranging from yellow to dull red to bright red, but none are known to exhibit the striking magenta of this cultivar. Having a magenta fall leaf color enables this tree to fill another niche in the list of trees with purplish shades of fall leaf color which have become increasingly popular in recent years."

Here is a link that might be useful: United States Patent: PP07222

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Thanks. I appreciate it.
Think I'm out of luck if it wouldn't get full sun?

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No, part shade would likely suffice. The growth rate will be slower and the color will not be as spectacular in shade, but red maples naturally grow in fairly shady forests and only get full sun when they are full grown (and sometimes never since they are usually smaller trees than the companion trees around them).

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