anyone else have a wave runner?

leafwatcher(zone 5)June 30, 2014

just wondering :)

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Here's mine - added to the collection in 2012.


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I was never one for wavy edges.. but I am softening to them. I haven't seen adult version in person.. I think there is a nice potential though.

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Oh Oh Oh!!!! Memememe!!!
I got one last week, and now have all but one of Squash Casserole's progeny.

I tell you, with the way Squash Casserole and Yesterday's Memories and Key Lime Pie take the heat AND sun, I had to make an EMERGENCY ORDER and get Wave Runner.

What a great name! It is bound to be a fantastic performer, and I wanted it to emerge next spring raring to go and adjusted to our climate.

One thing about this family of hosta. They want sunlight AND LOTS OF WATER! You cannot have one without the other. Tony Avent developed Squash Casserole and he said for the south....but he cautioned that they can take our heat/humidity if give lots of moisture. Believe me, this is no wimpy group. They have better than average substance, hold the gold in the sun and have not bleached or gone parchment textured on me. Yesterday's Memories set a sparse number of seedpods this year, and it is beyond 36 inches in diameter. I haven't put the yardstick on SquashCas. but it should be close to that herself. I got Key Lime Pie last year, and perhaps it will do like the others in the 3d season go on a growing spree.

Squash Casserole

Yesterday's Memories

Key Lime Pie

I'm looking forward to Wave Runner giving a similar performance.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

All that talk about Squash and Key Lime Pie made me hungry...

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They look good enough to eat. Crisp and juicy.

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