Garden materials for Spring?

zengeos(5 Maine)February 2, 2008

I need basic garden materials for my spring garden expansion.

I need cow, sheep or horse manure, appx 5 cubic yards, preferably delivered and aged 6 months or more

I need appx 30 bales of straw. It can be damaged, or clean, whichever is cheaper. Again, I would need this delivered.

I also need seaweed, or would like some seaweed, appx 5 yards.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the expansion, I do not have the necessary materials readily at hand and must bring it all in.

I plan to get my compost from Bensen's and have used them before, last summer, with good results.

Any suggestions who to contact/where to get these materials from?

I realize that I can get seaweed right on the shore, but I live inland, and have a relatively small car.


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zengeos(5 Maine)

Please add 4-5 yards of reasonably good garden soil to the list.


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

You don't say where you live. I suppose I would try contacting any feed stores or farms for the straw. For the manure I would call on every local farm or horse place until I found one who ages their piles. You likely will have to pay money for this. As far as seaweed, I'm not sure you can buy it from anyone. The only people I know of that sell seaweed sell it for food. You could inquire some fisherman at the local harbors and see if they know anyone. Other than that, you may have to find a place where you can collect it yourself (I have done this before, but not on a scale that you are talking about, and hauled it in the trunk of my car with heavy-duty plastic bins.)

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zengeos(5 Maine)

I'm in Gorham, sorry. I think I might check on my neighbor a 1/2 mile down the road. He has cows, I think, so might have manure I can have....will have to get him to deliver it though...for a fee...

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Hi Zengeos,

I live near Bangor, ME. Last fall I googled "rabbit breeders, Bangor, me" or something like that. The search returned several breeders in the area some with contact info. I emailed a couple and just like that I had as much rabbit manure as I could use and an invitation to take it away anytime I want.

Good Luck

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