Bulb Crate Distributors

thesmilingdog(z4bMI)February 12, 2010


Does anyone know of a crate resource in Wisconsin or lower Michigan. We are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (no, not upper lower Michigan)and the shipping costs are outrageous to get them here. We work with Ednie,and they are great, but it would cost us more for shipping than the crates. It seems that I've seen them used in restaurants as well for hauling silverware, however I can't seem to find a closer source. Would like to be able to drive & pick them up.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Have you tried Monte Packaging? I know that they have an outlet in Benton Harbor, MI, I know that is in the lower part, but their shipping might be less since they're in MI. It might be worth a mini-vacation to go and pick them up.

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I just remembered a conversation I had with a man this past summer about crates. He told me to go to a certain liquor store, as there were tons of crates sitting out back that were free for the taking. Have any big liquor stores around? Otherwise - Monte is a great source. Also - check craigs list - never know what you will find!

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Montes does have a nice selection of packaging material. I ordered some things this spring, I was not happy with shipping cost, but that is because we could drive there cheaper, we're only 20. mins. away.

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