silver maple not growing well

chioApril 24, 2007

I planted 2 silver maples a few years ago. one is thriving, it is full of leafs and has grown alot. the other has given me problems since the beginning. it grew but the leafs are not growing. they started looking brown on the ends, then they began to fall on the top of the tree. now the good tree has leaves and the one giving me problems does not show signs of any growing on the tree. there are new branches at the bottom of the tree but nothing on the top. what should i do?

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Might as well be. It's on the list of junk trees. Please grow something else like Shantung maple. Silver is weak wooded tree and will fall apart during violent storms...

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Thanks Lou I was so tempted to state such but I've been getting a bad rep for my blunt/ honest comments. Typically silver maples are grown for fast shade period many leave 'em and pay the price ltr on with falling branches and oversize dangerous trees often too close to buildings ..Ideally they should be palnted only in combination to hardwoods and cut out when the "good" trees get big enough..BTW they have NO fall color but their only good point is the leaves tend to dicombobulate or are easily mulched ...which doesn't outway their overall worthless nature IMHO ...David

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We moved into our home almost 20 years ago and that was the time to cut the silver maples down and put better trees in their place. We didn't and at this point we have had more damage from those trees I think if I have to clean up one more limb I'm gonna scream. We had a bad storm last spring and the silver maples sheared off half way up and the limbs on the ground were so bad we couldn't get into our driveway or house. Because it gets so hot and humid here in the St. Louis area we are not willing to give up the shade from the Silvers and we are not getting any younger. Do yourself a big, big favour and put someting in that is not so brittle.

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