Alberta spruce

Reg1940(z4 Poland, Me)February 10, 2005

I planted several Alberta spruce at a small size. I have watch them grow and was so pleased with them. Now that they are what I think is full grown they have started to look badly with big area's that are bare. When we first saw this we thought it was due to a winter burn.The following winters we have wrapped in burlap and still see the same problem. This year we took the advice of someone and did not cover them. Right now 3 look like they should be taken up(sad) 2 others are not quite as bad. I fertilizedd every spring with a shurb (acid) fertilizer.Will they ever come back? What did I do wrong? I have been told now that they are big they are too close to a building it is a cirulation problem. I would like to hear from anyone who can help in any way.

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The problem is probably mites. These trees are legendary for their mite problem, but if you want to spray there is something that will help the problem. I don't know any names, but if you read the labels on the chemicals at the local Lowes/Home Depot etc. I think that dormant oil spray has a label for mites on evergreens. If you tap the buds on white paper, you should be able to barely see small specks that move. At this time of year you will probably only have eggs.

Call your local Extension office, listed under USDA, Cooperative and Extension Service. This is a common enough problem (assuming mites) that somebody there will probably be able to help you.

When trees have sparse vegetation, rarely can the problem be solved by fertilizing.

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