Japanese maple planting help

schley(z5 utah)April 20, 2007

Hello, I need your help. I've been searching the archives and couldn't find the exact answer that I needed so I'm asking all of you. I bought a Bloodgood Japanese Maple today. This is not only my first maple, this is my first tree that I've ever planted! In reading the archives, I think I understand HOW to plant it. My question is this... the tree is potted and it was kept indoors, where we bought it, and it's completely leafed out. The weather here isn't too bad. The nights are in the 30's and 40's (in the low to mid 30's the last few days) and the highs are in the 50's and 60's. It's also been a little windy the last couple of days. The ground is NOT frozen, In fact all of the trees and shrubs in the neighborhood are leafed out and my tulips are almost finished blooming for the year. Can I plant my maple now? Or do I need to keep it in the garage for a few days because it's been indoors (I don't know how long.) Does it need some sort of transition? If I just plant it now, will it go into shock? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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tcharles26(usa texas)

I do not profess to be the maple expert, but I think most people will tell you that it is not the best practice to plant deciduous trees in leaf. They should be planted while dormant in the fall or winter. And the container root ball should be loosened up, or better yet bare rooted at planting because most container trees are substantially screwed up root wise when purchased.

In this situation I would "pot up" without disturbing the rootball too much (but definitely a little) and keeep the tree as a container plant untill fall, when i would really do the root work and transplant. But I dont know anything about your Z5. As an aside, I do not think a. palmatum is reliably hardy in Z5 but maybe someone else will correct me.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

If the tree was indooors or under shade cloth I'd put under a leafed out tree or eve of house ehere it will get shaded or filtered light for at least a week or so longer if you expect any possible freezing temps ...for two reasons one obviously is the cold and frost ...two is cause it will shock to hell if you plant out in full sun and suffer leaf burn and or leaf loss yhthe tree will likely survive no problemo but it won't look like much for a while!!!...gradually every few days give it more sun and then plant out .. This goes for all Jm's IMHO ...it is NOT necessary this time of year if it's a field grown tree but for this indoor tree it is wise advise. david

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Blood good should do ok in z5 ...and as far as planting leafed out trees I have done so with virtually all of mine with no problem except for really sensitive ones like a golden full moon ...It may be differnt in TX but in zone 5 and 6 it is no problem even in july or Aug. as long as you acclimate it to the sun in mid summer the acclimation period can be 3 weeks in relly hot weather gradually giving it more sun ...as i said I have never had a problem reguardless of season although I WOULN'T plant out a fully leafed tree too early for the opposite reason ...the night mare we have just experienced ...always wait til the last average frost date!!!! David

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