Anyone in southern Maine inertested in growing Mushrooms?

infiniteohmsFebruary 13, 2008

I'm going to try doing some Shitake and Oyster mushrooms on logs this spring... would anybody be interested in splitting an order? About $20 would get you enough sawdust spawn to inoculate 25-30 logs 4"-6" in diameter a and 3' in length. If more then one person wants to split an order we could get 3 types of spawn.

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whoops, it would be more like $30 after shipping. Still cheap compared to buying by yourself.

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zengeos(5 Maine)

Don't know the first thing about growing mushrooms...

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The basics are very simple, however (like most things involving living things) it would take a lifetime to master.
I plan to use the "natural" outdoor technique:
1. acquire spawn (buy it or grow it yourself)
2. drill holes in logs 4"-6" in diameter and 3'-4' long.
3. Add spawn to holes and seal with wax
4. Put the logs in your garden/yard to incubate, they would be in a shaded moist spot.
5. when fully colonized and correct conditions prevail the mushrooms will fruit.

Thats just an overview, but if you are interested in a bit more in depth view you can check out this site:

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