getting maple babies from nautral propagations..

sketch804April 6, 2012

Now for a few years now I have been driving around my local area and taking baby JM seedlings that will be pulled up and mulched over in the next month because I would rather see them grow than be seen as a common weed and trashed. Now most of the time when I do this I will take a knife or a spade and shove it down an inch or two from the seedling, losen the dirt and pull it out. Now my sucess rate is only about 50% or so right now..So is there any prefered form on how to remove these from the ground and get a better sucess rate?? Thanks

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possibly dig a bit deeper, transplant into pots about twice the size of the root mass, water well, and place in the shade for a month or so until the roots get re-established. This is what I do and usually get 100% survival.

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okay sounds good, i just don't want to take a bunch of dirt with me, i am trying to do this as bare root as opposed to a rootball transplant. I will try to go deeper! I try to leave the ground as it was because its landacaped nicely and such..but I do ask before hand..haha


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Try having very wet paper napkins wrapped around them in plastic bag for the ride home. Have there new home ready to go before the treasure hunt. If they wiggle out of the ground well and you get em planted soon with water and shade they should do good.

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yesum, that's usually what I do when I uproot them, I can't remember if I put them in the shade, but I will try that one this year..almost time! Thanks much!

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