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brookw_gwFebruary 18, 2013

Ok. I already have 3 refrigerators, and I'm still a couple years away from having a building with a walk in cooler on our farm. However, I currently have an opportunity to buy some very nice 4 ft sliding glass coolers for $200 ea. Is anyone familiar with these for farm produce? Do they work well, are they energy efficient, and is this a good deal? I run out of fridge room every year, and with the addition of many more fruit trees, I definitely will need the room.


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I have a gal friend who does flowers and she buys hers new at $2500 each. I'm not sure how good they are, but at that price, I'd grab them. I know there is a blueberry plantation in southern IN that uses them for the display cases. Of course, their blueberries don't last very long.

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Brook - I got a True brand cooler like this a few years back although the doors were missing. I built an insulated wooden swing door for it. I found that the temp fluxuated a lot for some reason. I do not know if it was WAD or if the thermostat was funky. I set a thermometer inside (one that had a high/low memory) and used the lowest reading as a benchmark to keep everything from freezing. That worked but took some time to adjust. Other than that I liked it just fine - lots of space, nice shelves, not too bad on power. For $200 bucks a throw if they work the price is pretty good.


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Tom, he has three--two of the large ones I described and a smaller one for $100. If you or anyone near me is interested, I'd be happy to get them for you. My buddy lost his business to Walmart and subsequently his house. I'm just trying to help him out a little. He was very good to me when I bought my farm from him.

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Brook, now you're tempting me. I'll have to think about it. If I have the opportunity, I'd get all 3. You should be able to flip them rather easily, if you wanted to.

At this time, I'm still trying to decide whether to continue this business or not.

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