Advice on hoop placement

veggievicki(7b)February 12, 2013

Hubby is going to help me put up a high tunnel this week. We have some sawmill cedar that he will build four foot knee walls with. The width will be 16. If our calculations are correct 25 foot hoops will give us 11 or 12 foot of height. If we go with 1" grey PVC. What distance would be best between hoops? Snow load is not an issue occasionally wind might be a concern.

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Ours are at 5'. I sometimes wish they were at 4', but since I didn't have to do the work, I won't complain. If I remember right, 5' is about right for those areas that don't have to worry about snow load. Don't forget the purlins (pipes) that will help with holding together when the winds blow.

Vicki, how cold are you getting tonight? I'm in southern IL and am thinking about visiting AR before we go home this weekend.

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We will get down to thirty two tonight We've been hovering at frost at night and between fortys up to sixty in day depending on sun. They're predicting a little. Cold snap this weekend. Mid 20s. I hope my brocs do okay

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I use 4' centers. 5' or 6' works for some people, too.

I just built a high tunnel with 4' high side walls. It's 18.5' wide. My hoop is 21' and my peak height is 8.' The lower your height, the easier it is to handle strong winds. 12' is really tall. If you don't need that height for the sake of fitting a tractor inside the high tunnel, you might consider using shorter hoops to give you a lower structure. That would make it much stronger against wind.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Having built 4 PVC tunnels and I am still using them, consider dropping that space down to 3 feet. It will make it much stronger, especially with 1 inch pipe. If it was 1.5 inch pipe, 4 feet would be ok.


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Let me clarify, my hoop house is metal NOT PVC. Makes a big difference.

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