Planting wineberry..companion plants?

delcogardensApril 7, 2011

Hi all. I just got a freecycle garden bounty and a few wineberry plants were part of the lot. I had some questions about the wineberry. I don't know what type this is..just that it's red, soft thorns and originally came from a cutting in Carly Simons property in Martha's Vineyard many moons ago. LOL

What are some other plants I could grow with it? I was thinking of putting it in a bed with Barberry bushes- will it choke them out?

I've heard some wineberry or elderberry is poisonous- does anyone have a link or photo of the poisonous type?

Can I trim this into a shape? Like a conical tree or spear shape? I don't want or need another sloppy lie-all-over the place bush.

Comments and experiences with this plant are welcome!

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