Planet Jr. for sweet corn?

txaj(So. Texas)February 23, 2009


I'm thinking of purchasing a Planet Jr. seeder to plant sweet corn, green beans, peas, and a variety of greens. My understanding of these is they're fine for the smaller seeds, but I can't find much information on using them for larger seeds.

I emailed Cole, who I guess is now the manufacturer, but they didn't exactly answer my question on what the spacing would be if planting corn. They said as long as the seed falls through the plate it would work, but corn wasn't listed in the manual, so they couldn't tell me the spacing.

Is anyone using one of these to plant corn or beans? If so, which plate do you use, and what's the spacing in the row?

I have an Earthway, but have always gotten erratic placement with both corn and beans, so I thought I might try something else.

Thanks for any help,


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Can not tell you anything about Planet Jr.....but a dash of
talcum powder in the hopper greatly improves Earthway performance. Be sure to get some powder behind the seed
plate as well. I use a "fleet" of 4 Earthways and all get
the Shower to Shower treatment for all seeds, large or small.
Good Luck!

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Andy, Planet Jr's will seed sweetcorn, you will need to use the larger plate and expect to thin the plants by hand to 6"-12" a part... Bob.

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Andy:I use 50 yr old Planet Jr. Assuming the plates are the same--hole 32-34.Corn seed varies so check size.Seed per yd. check.Place seed in hopper-mark wheel with chalk-hold handles down to raise wheel slightly off ground-open gate & spin wheel 1 revolution at walking speed-Close gale.Count seed.Adjust.

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txaj(So. Texas)

Thanks for the replies. I tried the powder in the Earthway, and while the corn and beans aren't up yet, it sure did smell nice in the garden! I'll check the spacings once they're up to see if it helped.

I'll keep my eye out for a decent price on a used Planet Jr, I'd like to find one nearby if possible.

Thanks again to all who responded.


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The earthway is actually a bit more sophisticated than the Planet. The planet merely agitates the seed whereas the earthway actually meters it (with little scoops).

When I was doing growing on a commercial scale we were worried that the Planet would not work well with non-round seeds so we we bought the optional brush agitator that actually sweeps past the holes. We had very good luck though I will say that for lettuce we bought pelletized seed.

We never used it with corn since we already had a corn planter, but we did fine with green and wax beens (never tried limas).

Best of luck.

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