in 2 minds about pruning now. help.

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)April 7, 2010

Here in Northern CA the japanes maples are beautiful, most are all leafed out.

I have a question about pruning. I don't want to prune much, but on one tree I simply do not like the direction the branch is taking, crossing back against the flow of the other branches. It is a thin branch and I think I can take that one off now without much worry.

The more problematic branch on a different tree is slightly thicker than a pencil. This branch splits and this thick part is not needed and detracts from the beauty of the tree. I figure it will bleed a bit. Should I wait until Fall to prune a thick branch like this? Or can some pruning/bleeding occur now with no consequences?

I can always wait of course. Thanks. FYI...the tree is 10 feet tall, very vigorous, burns dark red in Fall coloring.

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Lots of debate about pruning JMs and when to do it, but in general the limbs you're talking about should not create a problem. I prune smaller limbs like that year round and have never had a problem. Larger stuff is best left for winter. Some experts like to prune when there are leaves on the tree so they can see how their work affects the look of the tree.

Be sure to prune close to the trunk or fork of the limb. A pair of concave Bonsai pruners is invaluable when pruning smaller limbs. It makes a cut that heals very quickly and doesn't leave a "knob".

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You were correct kaitain4.
I did a bunch of removal of smaller stuff. Tree looks much better. And now I know pruning to shape can be done most anytime. Thanks.

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