Japanese Maple

MadMaxwellSmartApril 29, 2013

Hello to all, I live in the foothills of North Carolina and just purchased three Japanese Maple Trees. I planted them with plenty of potting soil under and around them. I just noticed that the leaves are starting to turn brown...can any one give me any advice on whats happening with them, they are about 3 to four feet tall and seem to be very healthy except for the brown tips....Thank you

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Are they in pots or in the ground? Potting soil is for containers, only. In the ground they should be planted just in the indigenous soil. If you need to add any amendments, they should be applied in the form of a mulch or top dressing.

Without knowing more about how you planted these and your soil conditions, it's difficult to make any speculations on what may be wrong - too much water, not enough, poor drainage/clay soils, transplant shock, too much sun, not yet acclimated to area, etc. Can you provide photos?

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