Spring Color Photos - Show Us Yours

Grancru(z5 MI)April 29, 2008

Unknown Graft - I have it labled Sango kaku but I don't this it is correct.

Koto no ito - unshaven

Lost Tag - Any Ideas?

Red Pigmy

Shigatasu sawa


Orange Dream



Goshiki kotohime

Green Star


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Grancru(z5 MI)

Slide Shows:

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Nice shots.

The first un-named one with the yellow-red leaves might be Katsura.

The red linearlobum with missing tag might be Atrolinear or Beni otake.

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Your photo's are great. I love those new leaves. I am just starting out so my maples are very small. Here are a couple.
golden full moon maple


Red Lin. seedling

Dissectum seedling

Assorted seedlings


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I'm jealous of all those seedlings. They are so beautiful. It's hard to find a Japanese maple for sale where I live. (Louisville) You can find some standard ones at the big box stores, but they have been treated badly.


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Why don't you order by mail? That's what most of us do. I just ordered 9 trees (new grafts) from World Plants and they're only $15 a piece. There are several nice mail order nurseries that specialize in Japanese Maples.



Here is a link that might be useful: World Plants - Mail Order

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I second the recommendation for ordering by mail. I was skeptical before I tried it, but now buy most of my maples and many perennials that way. You can find virtually any variety of JM through on-line nurseries, generally at prices lower than local nurseries. I've never bought anything larger than 1-gallon plants, so I'm not sure how it works for larger plants, but it is certainly the way to go for smaller plants. Like K4, I usually buy newly grafted maples and grow them in pots until they are large enough to set out in the yard, although some of the dwarf varieties I intend to grow in containers indefinitely.

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I second that thought. I have been pleased with 90% of what I have gotten online. The only one I wouldn't want to buy online is if I wanted a large showpiece dissectum for the front lawn such as a mature Crimson Queen. I prefer low grafts in crimson queen and also a semi-dense spread and foliage which you may or may not get online. Seldom can you see a picture of the exact plant you are getting. I just got a A.J.acontitifolium, A.P's Garnet, Orange Dream, Germaine's Gyration, Mikawa Yatsubusa, Koto No Ito all online and I am impressed by most of them. You can get 1 year grafts from 10-15 bucks and 2 years for 20 or so. I would always advise people to get the biggest they can afford for a showpiece yet I love to watch the tiny ones develop and if you should lose one, no big loss. They go through so much change over the years.

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Hey folks, Ive got some nice photos in my camera, and computer i wouldnt mind posting...problem is "tech challenged" any hot tips?

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Grancru(z5 MI)


Beautiful photos. I lover the iridescent colors of the dissectum.


Open an account with Photobucket
Upload your photos
Cut and paste the HTML code to your posting here and wha la... you've done it.

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adriantwpmi(Z5b MI)

Nice pics.

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