pots along the sea shore

dmd2go(z6NY)March 31, 2005

I'm moving to shore, and what will do in large whiskey barrel pots?

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

Is the area protected on the cliffs with strong winds off the bay or unprotected . Are you on what eposure to the sun. How much sunlight during the middle of the season will these pots get. When would that sun if any during the day be available. Will you be placing these pots directly onthe shore sand, rocks, steps, hanging in trees, nailed to a wall?! What time period would you be able to care for these plants, and at what stage do you want these plants, ie geraniums flowing with color and ivy works if dead headed and feed a nice compost tea every other watering or so.

some plants which are cooled by the shore breezes may compensate for shade if kept cool and with sunlight much like those in protected shaded areas which do well. However some winds on shorelines are salty sprays and may kill theplants if too close or be salt tolerant.

shade/light/exposure/potsize/soil/placement all play a part in the sucess of where a plant resides and grows.:)

Sorry ot be so long....I am procrastinating cleaning and organizing my home...

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