what is wrong with my maple??

snuggliebearApril 28, 2013

hello, i have bought a new maple with the intention of making it into a bonsai, however as of last week the leaves have started to wither on the tree and begin falling off. they arnt falling off as single leaves but instead are fragmenting. i mist the tree everyday and water the soil. it is currently in a pot. is my tree dying? what can i do to revive it. i have already tired blood and bone and seaweed.
please see the attached photos.
also if anyone can identify the species, it would be of great help.

if want more pictures;


Here is a link that might be useful: more pictures

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

..."i mist the tree everyday and water the soil"...

You're not watering everyday are you? If so, you are drowning it. What kind of potting media is it in and are there drainage holes in that container?


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It is a Japanese maple of some form......no obvious graft and the size would lead me to believe it is just a seedling so straight species Acer palmatum.

Have you ever done bonsai before? Or cared for a tree in a container long term? It is not the easiest thing to do - container size and type, potting media, proper watering and irrigation are all critical elements and it sounds like you may not have a lot of first hand knowledge of these issues. Is there a nursery close by that can give you some instruction on bonsai or container care?

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