Problem with Red Maple

gagspaApril 15, 2007

I purchased two red maple trees and planted them last week. One of them is fine, but the other one has brown spots all over it. Taking it back is not an option at this point, so can anyone help me diagnosis and treat this?

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Were there some really strong winds there recently--it looks, maybe, as if the little delicate young leaves were thrashed about by some wind and bruised. Did the other tree that does not have this damage have its leaves in a different stage at the time of planting? Or is the other tree in a place where there is less wind?

Well, just a guess. What I see does not make me think you have some serious systemic disease in the tree.


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I certainly agree with Spruce in terms of dried foliage as a result of not enough water in any of these three combinations: windburn, lack of water, or a combination of both.


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I did bring them home in the back of the truck a week ago. It was about 8 miles and we went about 30mph. We have also had two VERY windy days.

So the brown spots are probably just a lack of water? They are planted in different spots in the yard and the soil in the sick tree's area is drier than the other. Maybe I will have to water it more often.

Should this fix it?

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You have no reason to be concerned.


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That's a relief! Thanks for your help. What a wonderful forum!

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I have increased the watering, but it still looks bad and almost looks worse. Maybe I'm just seeing the final result of the trip.

Should I try a fertilizer? If so, what kind?

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If you try to do too much for this tree, you may kill it. I don't like to give fertilizer to newly planted trees--it can increase stress if you give it too much--not worth the risk. I would not water it too much--let it dry out a little between waterings. But don't let the soil at the surface completely dry out. I assume you have mulched it.

There is nothing you can do to make this tree look good this year. The leaves the tree will produce this year have been damaged. What will happen is the tree will stabilize and use what leaves it has to gain strength for next year's growth. The tree will be fine, but it probably won't really look good until next year. It may poduce a few new leaves this year to replace what has been lost/damaged, but they will be smaller than the ones it started this year with.

Patience is the key for you and this tree.


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