Romaine Lettuce

mainerose(4)March 22, 2011

I'm planning to try some new veggies this year and would like to plant some Romaine. (Just plain tired of the leaf kinds). Has anyone had success with this in Zone 4? Any particular variety? What about any of the head lettuces (crisphead, buttercrunch)?

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I am trying buttercrunch this year & will let you know how it goes. I have only ever done spinach, mixed greens, kale and Fedco's Summer Lettuce Mix and Winter Lettuce mix before this.

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Dear GardenWeb--PLEASE sort posts by date of replies rather than date of orginial post. I love these forums BUT--- my post about romaine lettuce is buried under those from many previous years----hard for poeople to reply when they have to scroll and scroll forever.

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So I didn't do Romaine Lettuce, but (as I mentioned in my reply) I did Bibb Buttercrunch lettuce and it is MARVELOUS. Highly recommended.

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I grew Swiss Chard, Red Merlot Romaine, and Buttercrunch this year and had great success with all three. The swiss chard and Buttercrunch I did from seed and the Red Merlot was a seedling transplant from a local gardener in my area. I put them all outside in ground in mid May and didn't do a lot so I just harvested my last romaine head at the beginning of this week.

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My romaine did pretty well---not as large as the store-bought, but then I didn't expect it to be. The buttercrunch sounds great--definitely on my list for next year!

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