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spanavalNovember 16, 2005

I am sick and tired of people turning their vehicles around in my flower bed. Today, I came out of the bathroom when I heard the dogs barking, only to watch some guy in a truck back it up onto the lawn, and drive right over my newly planted Crepe Myrtle (the new RED one that I got, Christine). This isn't the first time either. One of the worst offenders went about 8 ft. deep inside the flower bed to turn around.

I am seriously considering putting in those spikey things that cause tire damage in my flower beds and along lawns. It's bad enough that people are ignoring the signs about private drives, trespassing, and knocking over the mailbox, but killing my plants just has to stop.


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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

How rude! People turn around in my yard too, fortunately there's no flower bed there. However, last year when we tilled and re-seeded an area out front, I had to redo one spot a couple of times because of inconsiderate people turing their cars around. Wish I had a solution.

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Suja, that's very upsetting. Hope your new tree recovers. Would a curb be a possibility? Invited guests drive over my gardens, apparantly my driveway is too narrow, but I've had heavy equipment in with no damage - go figure :-)

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We had the same issue at our last home. People just did not read the signs and pulled into our gardens where we would lose plants every week or two.

Not to be mean, but the only thing that stopped it was a sign that said "warning, hose guides are sharp". We then hammered one foot sections of rebar (you can purchase them at Lowes or Home Depot) all around this section of garden and left 6" sticking out of the ground and painted the top bright orange. They were great hose guides and it only took one vehicle to run one over and thus a flat tire and thus it stopped people from pulling onto my land. I know it sounds mean but it was the only thing that brought it to a halt.

Good luck


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faerieannette(z7 MD)


nice!! I would be afraid of one of my children or a neighborhood child becoming impaled on one. I recommend large rocks! they are pretty too. thatÂs what I did.


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People can be so inconsiderate and selfish! Good luck on the crepe mrytle-- let us know how it fares.

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Suja, that's so crazy! Such disrespect! Some possibilities:

Use the 'hose guides are sharp' sign but don't put anything in the ground (or use plastic stakes instead of rebar), that would keep the kids safe and might help but maybe not since they've ignored the other signs.

Rocks. I love big old fieldstones and hunks of slate but that's probably because I grew up with a fieldstone wall in the land of rocks - New England. Plus the darker colors won't be as distracting to you as the white ones will. I'd use rocks about the size of cement blocks. Big enough to do damage to a car, and enough to make a truck take notice, but not so big that the neighborhood kids will use them for skydiving...

Those reflectors on stakes, to mark out the driveway border. If someone runs them over they might get out to put them back, and you'd have a chance to get their license plate number.

Keep a camera handy. Or a videocamera. A date/timestamped picture is worth a thousand words when you take it to the police on a vandalism/trespassing charge.

Talk to the local cops and see if this is a widespread problem, and see what they might suggest that will discourage obnoxious drivers but won't get you sued..

Hope this helps..


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