2011 Garden Season

papermkrMarch 26, 2011

Well most of my flowers have poking it head out of the soil. 15 variety of tomatoes is in the soil and 7 more to go. Yes I have 21 variety of tomatoes and 6 of hot pepper. Time to get to work! What are you doing to get ready for 2011 garden season?

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marthacr(z5 Me)

I am waiting to feel some warmth! I spent some time in the garden when it was warmer last week, but now, brrr!

I have three types of tomatoes, artichokes, gerberas and scabiosas that are now too big for my light stand. I can't even get them into my greenhouse because the nights are still too cold. I'm so anxious after all the snow we had this year.

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I bought a seed starter set with a heating mat this year...beats my DIY setup that I had before! 12 varieties of tomatoes and 6 of peppers (not a lot of space in Portland) and I've been mapping out my spring and mid-summer plantings. Seeds were ordered long ago & now it is just a matter of making it all work. I picked up some manure from a horse farm down the road & will be turning the pile diligently to make sure that it is composted before the June succession planting. And I'm already pulling weeds and quackgrass out of the perennial beds... I'm building 4 extra raised beds to grow flowers for my wedding this year, too! So exciting...

Cheers to a great 2011 season!

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This is my first venture into gardening this season and I am very excited (and probably a bit clueless!). my husband just built me a cute little bed out front and my wonderful neighbor, who has a very green thumb, brought me over a bunch of things she dug from her own garden! How nice was that? So we have irises, day lilies, hosta, bleeding hearts...and a couple of other little things we picked up in bridgton...I can't remember the names! I am also super-excited to say that we planted 2 lilacs!!! Lilacs have always been my favorites and I have always wanted to grow my own, finally!
I am also trying my hand with a few veggies this year. I have a home daycare, and the kids and I have been learning about growing our own foods together. So far we only have green beans and tomatoes, but I am hoping to add some cukes, carrots, green peppers, peas, watermelon, and pumpkins...but to be honest I have no clue what I am doing with theveggies, so please feel free to offer any advice!

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