October Glory Growth

ardaronApril 30, 2013

I planted an October Glory i bought from the Arbor Day Foundation in November of 2011. I have never planted a tree before, and I am not familiar with all the terminology. But I was wondering if the tree is growing ideally, and if I need to prune it to get it to grow properly with a single, long, straight trunk?

It has one branch that it twice as long and thick as the others. It is about 4 feet in height. In my picture I labeled in 2. The trunk is 1, and the smaller branches I labeled 3s. I was just wondering if I needed to do anything to shape it now. I don't want to hurt the tree.

Thank you for any advice.

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Here is a picture further away

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It's a little hard to tell on the close up with the leaves in the way but if it were mine, I would prune out all 4 "#3" branches and then stake up the #2 so that it is straight up. You may need to lean your #1 stem to the left a bit to make the overall tree straight. The kink where #1 meets #2 looks pretty severe, but it will lessen as the tree gets bigger.Place the stake close to the trunk, as you will need to tie it in several places. Make loops between the tree and the stakes with wide ribbon - do not wrap the ribbon around the stem or you could girdle it.

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Thank you so much for your reply and in words I could understand :) I will take a better picture of were #1 and #2 join when I get home from work. If you don't think it will straighten, I could always move it out back and plant a new one in the front yard. I would like it to look nice since it is out front. Again, that you for the advice!

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Here is a better picture of the fork of 1 and 2. Do you think I can get this straightened? Thanks again!

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Oy!! Arbor Day Foundation plants leave a great deal to be desired :-)

You are never going to get a "single, long, straight trunk" out of this poor thing. The best you can hope for is to do as nuseryman33 describes and prune away all the tertiary branches, leaving 2 alone. Staking it will get it closer to vertical but it will never be long and straight.

If this is in your front yard and highly visible, make the investment and purchase a quality grown tree of reasonable size (not a sapling) and relocate your "experiment" to a more out of the way location. It's never going to turn into a prize specimen. And a 1" caliper OG in my area - about 6-7' tall - is only $85. These are not expensive trees.

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