Gardener vs. Farmer

mshostasFebruary 19, 2007

Dose any one have a answer to these terms we use all the time. Farm or garden, farmer or gardener? Do I live on a Garden or a farm. I landscaped my property in to a beautiful farm or garden. Are they the same No or Maybe. A farm can be a garden as a 'Kitchen Garden'. Do fields play a row in this ? OMG? who am I?


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dirtdigging101(7 - NC)

gardens are not for profit, just for pleasure and good eating with family and friends. Farms and farmers are well we have this mental image of a certain color tractor going across a field, and they try to make a profit. Most of us here are Market gardeners, growing for a market, for a profit, be it a farmers market, CSA, co-op resturant etc. color and size of tractor have no meaning neither does the size of the plot, the score card is in the profit, at least for me

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garliclady(z7 NC)

Yes I agree. Gardeners do it for a hobby and to provide food for family . Farmers are doing for profit. This forum really should be called Market Farmer But maybe "GARDEN" Web wanted "Garden" in the name??

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Use whatever name suits you. This reminds me of a successful Amway businessman who bought a large farm but he called it a "Ranch because it's more sophistocated than a farm".

I use the word "Garden" in our business name because I believe it imparts a degree of community sensitivity. It gives me a common bond with many of my customers, most of which also garden to a lesser degree.

When people question if I'm a farmer I can usually reply that I do fit the definition of a farmer: "A person out-standing in their field".

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huffy1(z6A MO)

It all has to do with concepts. My family has been farmers and gardeners in one capacity or another through out my life. To me farms invokes livestock and commodity crops. Gardens invoke visions of fresh produce. When I lived in Mich. people we would consider to be market gardeners called their cropping area a "Truck Patch".

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