b3bowenApril 13, 2010

Has anyone had any luck air-layering cultivars off a bad graft? If I tried this, it would be on young grafts of Fireglow and Shigitatsu Sawa. Would you suggest using the tourniquet method or cutting a ring in the bark?

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jmwclemson(z7 Ga Hoschton)

I air layered several cultivars last summer. The cultivars that worked were 'Shin Deshojo', 'Kara su Gawa', 'Sieryu', and 'Wilsons Pink Dwarf'. I failed with 'Beni Otake' and 'Purple Ghost'.

I used a tourniquet method with copper wire. I have since learned copper can be a root inibitor, so i plan on trying something different this year. Thinking of using plastic tie wraps. I have tried cutting a ring of bark, but found it was hard for me to judge the depth to cut.

You might want the younger grafts to get a little size before trying. That way the top is sending down some good energy.

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When you say you failed, did the tree die, or did it just fail to root leaving a ring in the bark. Also, about how long did it take from the time you placed the wire until you removed the layer.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

A friend and I tried several ring-cut air-layers last summer.
After the squirrels tore the wrappings open, we did discover some roots in the mess.

Partial success.


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jmwclemson(z7 Ga Hoschton)

Bascially the layer didnt take well. I was layering branches, so the main tree was fine. Basically the ones that didnt take had little or no roots by the end of summer.

My wife was about to kill me, her friend keep asking what the heck the tin foil was doing in the trees, LOL. So i cut them off last fall, even if i didnt see roots.

After listnening to a presentation this summer, i think one thing that might have contributed to some not talking was having some of them too wet. You want it to be moist but not soggy wet. You are not trying to supply water, just create an enviroment conducive to root growth.

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