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weew(Summer)April 16, 2005

Hi folks,

I would like to find out, is it strawberry can only harvest once per plant? I mean will it be ever bearing fruits like tomato? Cos if the strawberry only can harvest once, i think i need to plant about 10 plants to meet my need.

Secondly, how many months i need to wait from seed to harvest.



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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Are they the Alpine strawberries? These are the only ones I know of that can be grown from seed. I have some that I grew from seed from Pinetree Seeds. The berries are quite tart and flavorful, but small and not as prolific as regular strawberries. 5 plants may give you a handful of berries all together once they're established. If you're talking about making jam or pies, you'd need a whole field of them. They do produce berries repeatedly all summer.

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"They do produce berries repeatedly all summer."

If i let the plant to be there for 5 years, will it be have fruits every years or 3 months once? Because the place i live in there is no 4 seasons...We only have 1 season...

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

I didn't know you were from Malaysia. I don't know what a strawberry plant grown from seed will do in the tropics.

There is a fruit/orchards forum somewhere here on Gardenweb. I would post there with your question and also state the name of your strawberry variety.

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Hi veilchen,

The name of my strawberry varieties is call 'Strawberry Temtaption'-is a compact vaeriety, i check through website, this variety is very suitable for tropic country-(no need of highland/cool/spring/fall weather).

Actually, what i like to know is, wheather the strawberry plant can bear fruits forever as long as i keep them alive, like tomato, I have plant sungold here, WOW!what the blossom, and it will provide me tomato 'forever' as long as i keep the PLANT ALIVE.


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Hi Weew
the strawberry you are trying to grow will produce fruits for a long period of time once it starts to fruit, afew will ripen every day for a long time.I dont know how long it will continue to do that because in maine the frost makes the plant go dormant for about 8 months.You and I dont have a lot in
common as far as climate.You might do better on the Florida or
Arizona gardening forums
good luck sundew

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

thanks for all the info.

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Hi Sundew,
Thanks for your info about Strawberry Temptation. If as what you said, I can have strawberry for long, long, long time and the plant still bear fruit.AH ! What a save job! Because the seed package stated 28week to maturity, I just wish to have strawberry plant that will continnue bear fruit and not need to replant once the ONLY HARVEST begin harvest!

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