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veggievicki(7b)February 3, 2013

At our market you can bring eggs if they haven't been refrigerated. Not sure why. I'm going to try some chicken tractors this summer as they got snapped up and only a few people brought them. I've been reading as much as I can on micro farming and it would seem meat birds and fish are good revenue. If I'm understanding correctly sold through CSA doesn't require inspections And or special permits? Does that carry over to farmers market?

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Only if they sell through YOUR CSA which is exactly the same as selling anything in any manner directly from your farm. If you want to sell through another person's CSA than they better have the permits and set up to sell meat, fish and eggs on their property from others. in Ohio that means you have to have a retail food establishment license as in Ohio this is considered reselling meat, dairy, etc..

I know if you want to sell meat at any farmers market in the country you have to have the animal(s) killed at either a state or UDSA inspected slaughter house and you will likely have to have a freezer or electric fridge to store the meat while selling at an FM. Check with your county health person and dept of Agriculture as these rules are different from state to state and sometimes county to county.

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The vendor next to me sells Alaskan salmon he catches on fishing trips. He pays to have it processed and also has a freezer truck with a generator at market.

Selling live fish, typically to restaurant chefs, is one way to get around the health department rules.

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Thanks. After much Internet searching I've unearthed that in Arkansas I need a twenty five dollar permit to sell fish live and a well basically a commercial kitchen complete with employee restroom if I want to sell cleaned fish. I don't know how these guys are including dressed meats in their CSAs and making a profit from it. They're all pretty keen on rabbits, too and I don't know a soul who eats rabbit meat.

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rabbit is very popular at our market. people come looking for the vendor who sells it.

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