Hosta Spring....

paul_in_mn(4b)June 13, 2014

....hard to believe they weren't sprung enough for pictures till June. Still some stretching to do, about time.

Adorable - sport of Royal Standard, some growth from last year, but may have to move to more sun to see if it has another gear.

Antioch - a couple of flirty leaves

Blue Arrow - one of my early hosta and a favorite. Still stretching out and blue is of my best for holding the blue color.

Captain's Adventure - sport of Captain Kirk, drawstring is not as severe this year....maybe due to late spring. Next leaves will not have drawstring and margin color never catches up to first flush of leaves. So plant will have white margin early leaves and dark margin on later.....sort of like having Fire Opal and Gold Standard on the same plant.

Fire Opal - sport of Gold Standard (identical or close enough to Moonlight), good grower, still not all spread out yet - may get too big for where I have it sited.

Hi Ho Silver - Juries out whether it can keep looking good long into summer.

Ice Cream (gift from Melissa) - so good when you don't kill a gift hosta. Sport of Vanilla Cream.

Just June - No not just June, but a sport of June called Just June, but it looks a bit like June with a wide margin, of course isn't that what Touch of Class is.....confused yet. Growing in quite a bit of shade and so far smaller than June, but who knows maybe in more light.....;-)

Justine - sport of June Fever, moved it to some sun last year and seems happier.

Long Fellow - folded long leaves when it matures, so far puts up a lot of leaves for the number of divisions.

Sergeant Pepper - muted colors, the deer liked it too......grrrrr

Spring Fling - gotta love this one.....ummm

Thanks for taking a look.


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pAUL, i LIKE the way you described Captain's Adventure. I think you are a better observer than I. It sure does look good to me.

Spring Fling has intense blue in the middle of the soft green, and it puts Cold Heart to shame for that. Soft colors are some of my favorite things.

Ice Cream always make me hungry for some reason. Ah dear, time for a midnight snack. Just a few minutes early.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Love Adorable! Has similar attributes of Guacamole (to my eye). Happy to see another appreciator of Antioch. This hosta can take a lot of sun and still look "cool".

Captain's Adventure must be ideally sited, Paul to show such lovely markings.

As seems to be your trademark, you have another bevy of beauties in your hostas. Always a joy to see your pictures. Thank you for sharing. :-)

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Great pics, Paul.

Don B.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Nice pix and nice commentary. Thanks.


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Lovely photos and I am like you and thinking mine still have more to grow but I am beginning to wonder. Like them all but Sgt Pepper made me stop and look longer. :)

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Paul, I took more than one that OK? Some hostas here I've never seen... I like being exposed to new ones. That fern in front of Fire Opal is the same color but different texture...I like the effect.

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Mid-season pic of Spring Fling


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Cant get enough of the pics from your garden. Just beautiful!

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