Autumn Blaze in Orlando Florida

ruasApril 23, 2007

I've just moved south to Orlando (from VA) and really want to plant an Autumn Blaze maple here. Anybody has any idea if it's possible? And if it is, does it have any red leaves during the fall? (even though we don't have the Fall season here, I guess).


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I have a 30 foot "October Glory" red maple in my front yard that was planted 7 years ago and has done great since it was planted. It turns bright red around Christmas time, is bare for about a month and gets its leaves back in mid February. Seeing that Autumn Blaze is the same species just a different cultivar, I would think it would do fine here. Some varieties are more heat tolerant than others though, so check with the nurseryman to see if that particular type would do well here.

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I stand corrected, "Autumn Blaze" is apparently a hybrid between silver maple and red maple so its cultural requirements my differ significantly for "October Glory". I'd go with the "October Glory" though, it turns a beautiful deep red, does well in central Florida, and the color lasts for a good amount of time.

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treeman_ca(North Calif)

Autumn Blaze will be a much larger tree than October Glory. Also much faster growing. The October Glory will have brighter fall color. The Autumn Blaze may not color much at all except in unusually cold years.

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