Anyone grow hot peppers?

Dirtydog420April 21, 2012

Just wondering what people grow for hot peppers here in maine. Wanted to know what grows best for hot to super hots?

This is my first year growing peppers. Got anaheim, jalapeno m, slim cayenne, Hungarian wax, Serrano, a couple habaneros, and one unknown small hot pepper.

Also wanted to know whenpeople put them outside. If you grow in the ground, raised beds, or buckets. Soil used? Fertilizer? Anything anyone want to share...

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I stayed away from hot peppers this year, although I was tempted to try some pepperoncinis from Burpee's. I do like a couple of those in a salad.

Back in my Air Force days (the mid-Seventies, when I was *young* and foolish), I tried some Thai peppers, and those were HOT, but I don't know if they'd grow in Maine. Hot peppers and Thai cuisine are pretty much synonymous, at least in certain regions, but it might be better if I passed those up now.

I'm going with three varieties of sweet peppers this year, probably in some kind of upside-down planter. Good luck with your habaneros and other kinds.

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I am growing a number of hot peppers this year, and have in previous years. I do fairly well with them. I am quite north in Maine so i put out the ones that can be covered with hoop covers a number of weeks ago but the ones that cannot be actually went out this week. I grow them in the ground, (though of course start indoors). this year i am using basic amended soil in a raised bed. Probably will side dress with some compost. I sometimes use the epsom salt trick to help them with setting.

I Love hot food and they are a huge part of my salsa garden, looking towards trying some more unusual peppers as well.

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