trumpet vine won't bloom

grevay(z4ME)April 16, 2005

I have a very healthy trumpet vine...4 years old that sends out lovely, healthy vines but I have never had one bloom. I cut it back to 6-9 inches each spring. Any suggestions?

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You need to let the vine establish a woody framework on your wall/trellis. Then you cut the vine back to 1-2 buds from that framework - ie it flowers on new growth off the old growth. Also - It really needs the heat of summer to flower - you need it to be in the warmest spot in your yard - you are pushing it's hardiness abit. Finally be patient - woody vines often take awhile to get really well established. Good luck - Hummers love the flowers.

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lilyroseviolet(Maine 4and 5)

I am trying to do the same with honeysuckle and grapes.

Would it help if I tied dried grape vines harvested from a previous location, and now I was thinking of using vines or string to train the vines onto my new outdoor open framed room. Now how do I find the right tree to grow from the center of four lattice walls with 2 4 foot side entrances.

Mosquito season will be here soon. should I put the netting on it now and if so what should I use?

(Did I just high jack this thread?)

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