La Hacienda Bed: second Mini / Small Bed

hostahillbilly(4)July 30, 2012

A.K.A. 'Follow the Grey Stone Road' . . .

I think an interesting thread idea my be something along the lines of 'What is yor most interesting bed'.

thoughts? darts?



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Cher(6 SW OH)

I like this bed. Very neat idea. You have one guy that is trying to take over the road. :)

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I like that. I'd like to see closer up of the little hacienda. I'm sure I'd be adding 'stuff' all the time.

My most theme related whole bed is a mini water one. It sort of evolved with me adding to it every year. It is located between some perennials left as I gradually added hostas everywhere. There seems, to me, to be a natural border formed by Astilbe and Iris on one side and Huchera with larger Hostas on the other. It reminds me of a hidden little cove between two rock outcroppings at the beach. I'm not sure what Rainforest has to do with mostly coastal water stuff like shells and starfish but in makes sense somewhere in my little brain.

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What fun!!

In some garden that Steve_Mass toured and photographed, there was a model train setup. Mostly for the guys I suppose.

I added a church steeple (a birdhouse that was really tall and metal) to the middle of a round plastic make-believe whiskey barrel today, which I'd planted with 2 August Moon and 2 (from splitting it) Midas Touch. It needed height and I did not want another plant in there. No picture.

I also buried in another round shallow pot of minis one of those seeping water bottles, and put a lid over it to keep out bugs etc. I like the looks of that one too.

Nothing says you cannot play while you are working in the garden, right?

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jan_on zone 5b

mctavish - your mini garden in enchanting. who is the spiky blue guy in 2011 on the left? How big is he?

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mctavish6 :

fancy, loved it, thanks!


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Glad you liked the garden. Now that I look at the pictures I'm itching to move those three plants that are too big and replace them with smaller ones. In this particular garden I like the look of the plants being separated like they were in the first few years. I'll keep you posted.

Jan, that's Cutting Edge in the picture. It's pretty big. Although it's one of my top favorites, I didn't pick it in the blue or green poll. I think the green was first and I thought it was blue. Then the blue poll said it was green. Anyway it's a great, unique plant.

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jan_on zone 5b

mctavish - green or blue, small or not, your 'Cutting Edge' is a real beauty.

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