Looking for JM with good yellow fall color

j0nd03April 1, 2011

After my 2 crepe myrtles died from powderly mildew brought on by drought stress last year, I am looking to buy a pair of JM that have nice green/light green foliage in the spring summer and a nice yellow color in the fall.

I know crepe's are drought tolerant and JM need moist soil. I watered every week with soaker hoses on for an hour and a half when it didn't rain but we had over 30 days in the triple digits and they just cooked. While replacing some pansy's this spring I did find a root from one of the crepes that was over 7 feet from the shrub so I'm kind of stumped at their decline, really.

Anyways live/die this is what I want to try. Space taken up can be up to 10 ft spread and height to 15 feet. They will both be full sun but middle of summer they will be shaded until about 10-11 and then sunlight until sundown around 8-8:30.


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you can check out pacific coast maples and metro maples on their opinion/knowledge of heat tolerant jm's.

before i bought any of my jm's i did some research on heat/sun tolerant jm's.

i have a sango kaku that turns from green to yellow in the fall, but usually has scorched leaves from our hot/humid summers. im buying some 50% shade cloth to try to give them some shade since i dont have any large shade trees.

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Sango kaku is interesting, thank you. Do leafs scorch even with regular watering? (I'm sure you do, but I have to ask :) ) I'm not quite as hot as you are but wow was it a hot one last year!

Also Virdis and Waterfall look promising. Do you or anyone else have experience growing those in hot/humid climates?

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my jm's are almost 3' tall in 5 gal pots under my east facing porch and gets morning sun only. i water 3 times a week. still gets scorched leaves.

i have no personal info on virdis or waterfall.

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I have an Acer palmatum 'Viridis' in Benton,AR. It is about 6.5ft tall and 5ft wide. It is planted on the west side of my home and receives full sun from midday til about 5:30-6 during the summer. I've never had any issues. I do have a sprinkler system though. Do you definitely want yellow fall color. My 'Viridis' is yellow/orange in fall.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I would have suggested Shantung maple as it is much more drought/sun/heat tolerance but it gets a little too big for what you're looking for. It does produce mostly bright yellow fall color. This is 'Skinny Dragon' shantung maple with Ginkgo leaf last fall. http://metromaples.com/catalog2010.htm - scroll down for most sun tolerant JMs. (probably when they are fully established).

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Be mindful that Sango Kaku is larger than your original specifications of up to 15' tall, up to 10' spread. Aside from that, I thought of it, too.


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The shantung does deserve a place somewhere in my yard, but just too big for the beds in front of the house. I believe sango is slightly too large at maturity, also.

Houstontexas, I wasn't trying to take a shot at you or imply anything. That is more watering than I would probably provide, at least after the first growing season. Thanks for your help :)

My wife and I are really not that crazy about Waterfall and Viridis leaf shape. Now she wants to replace the previous CM with dynamite crepe myrtles. I was looking at CM to plant for my parents and she caught a glimpse and now it is her hearts desire *sigh*

We will see what gets planted there ;)

The search continues!!

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I actually have Dynamite CM in 8x8 bed in front of my house for a little shade. It seems to suffer dieback every year. Not sure if it has to do with winter kill or limited growing area. It's annoying because I could use a bit more shade to block sun in front of the window....

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