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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)March 25, 2010

Well disaster may strike on this years growing season. I am going in on Friday for surgery on my foot. I slipped and fell in February and punctured my foot on a "T" post. The wound healed, but my foot still hurt. I got it checked out and after all the tests I do have two broken bones and a bone infection.

I will be out of work and gardening for two weeks minimum. I have hundreds, if not thousands of plants germinating, and needing to be planted or potted up. I think I will be able to pot stuff up once I am home. Due to weather, I haven't planted a single potato, onion, leek or any other seeds in my high tunnels or outside. I still need to cover one high tunnel.

Needless to say, it will be a challenging spring. My family is trying to step up and help out. Things will get done, just probably not the way I would like them done. My wife already said that she will take a few days off work to get things planted if she has to. That will help.

I am rewriting my plans. I am trying to figure out what to grow and what to cut till later. I need to be starting more plants and work on getting my garden cleaned up. Oh yea, 1.5 inches of rain today and rain tomorrow and all weekend. On the positive, I probably could do much outside anyways!:)


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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


Ah! Just chop it off, You have two! :0)

Sorry to hear and to bad they didn't catch it in the first place. Life would be boring without little setbacks.

Get well soon


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Jay, sorry to hear about this. Maybe you need to check out the accessible part of the garden forum. I've been, due to age and heath problems, we might as well learn to do things differently, just in case.

Take a chair/ottoman out to the greenhouse after you get home to uppot, you're a smart guy, you'll figure things out.

Take care.

Hey Eric, since you have 2, how about giving Jay one??

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what bad luck. but at least you have support from your family which is a lot.

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So sorry to hear about your injury. Thank goodness you have a wife and others willing to help. With your enthusiasm and drive, I'm sure you will figure out how to do things dispite your temporary handicap. Good luck and heal quickly.

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


Ok, I'll just grow a new one.


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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)


That is what I told my wife, chop it of, I grow a new one. She didn't like that idea. Thanks for the humor!

I am glad I have the high tunnels to work in. It will at least give me a drier place to work. I suppose I will be sitting alot. I will probably look at one of those rolling garden seats. But I won't make any quick purchases.

Thanks for the support.


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I use a 'butt-scooter' alot picking in the garden. I'm trying to remember what the name is, I'm thinking 2nd step or something like that. It's heavier than most, you can get it at Rural King. It has a shelf to sit on and a open area to hold things. But you're only about 2-3 ft off the ground.
I think it cost me about $20 a few years ago. I have 2, and they have lasted me over 3 or 4 years, even being outside in the snow and winter weather. Of course, the grandkids use them for another use. They have a 'jumping' hill for the 4-wheelers and they use the 'butt-scooter' the ride down the hill.

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I too am very sorry to hear about your foot. I know it is hard to do but try and cut back a bit this year and let it heal correctly. Otherwise when you get old like me, the injurys you didn't take care of early on will haunt you. I used to think I was indestructable, I was so wrong.

I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. I am amazed at all of your hoop houses. I have my first small greenhouse this year and it is a lot of fun. Maybe a modified wheelchair would work for your recuperation, the doc will probably say keep the foot elevated. It will be hard to stay off of it. Good Luck and keep us posted!

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Oh Jay, Sorry to here about your mishap. I broke a bone in my foot a couple of summers ago and I couldn't garden at all. I had everything planted, so I did harvest some tomatoes and peppers, but just had to let the weeds come. I was in a boot and since you only get one, you can't get it dirty. You can't crawl around because your foot can't bend. I have Harrington rods in my back from an earlier accident, so my back doesn't bend. I was a little 'robot-like' for the summer, but my foot healed fine. Take care of yourself and don't try to do too much....and don't expect your family to do their job and yours too. Let them help where they can, but let the rest go. There will likely be another summer to garden, if you take care of yourself.

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Are there master gardeners nearby who might help?

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Jay, how desperate were you to get more work out of your family LOL, just kidding
thoughts and prayers, take it easy

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dirtdigging101(7 - NC)

"the worst thing you are looking at is an amputation" is the standart andwe in my family... as my sone is an amputee from bone cancer. but it is all good with an artificial leg. good luck in your surgery and have a speady recovery and follow all the doctors orders.

good luck

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Hey, buddy, I feel for ya. I despise having to miss work, not to mention the medical bills. We have been wiped out by medical bills over the last five years--that coupled with the wife being unemployed. Still, you should be good to go for the summer. We managed to get in 1,500 onions this week and a few lbs of seed potatoes, but it rained all day yesterday with more coming Sunday. I've got 400 berry plants coming next week, and there is standing water in their beds. On a positive note, it is pretty cool to see the rhubarb emerging, the blueberries budding, and our first asparagus peeking thru. Soon we'll be finding morels. Get well soon and don't miss all the spring.


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Great to hear about the asparagus, Brook, but I'm not that excited about the mushrooms. Mushrooms equal mushroom hunters that stomp all over without any respect for who might own the property, plus they leave trash. They also use plastic bags that don't allow the spores to spread.

Hubby was in our woods and the ground was still quite frozen.

Now we'll have to keep a look out for the asparagus.

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


I'm trying to grasp your last sentence on mushrooms. Mushroom body is underground and you harvest the above ground fruit. Don't you normally harvest the fruit before spores are released? How is the plastic bag involved?

We have a lots of Shaggy manes and a few Morels.


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The mushroom spores drop out of the morels after harvesting, so I've been told. I just know that our woods, people used to harvest garbage bags FULL of them day after day. In the last 2 years, we haven't been able to find more than 5-10 small ones per season. Not just us, but other people that have admitted to trespassing in the woods.

In a plastic bag, nothing gets out. Please use a mesh bag to let the tiny, tiny spores escape. I don't know about any except Morels. Around here, stores charge $40/lb for fresh morels. People go north with covered trailers to pick morels and bring them back to sell them at our local stores.

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Jay, so sorry to hear about your foot. Do as other have said and take care of it properly so you don't have more troubles later. Being a teacher couldn't you get a group of kids together and have them plant? I am amazed at what kids can do if they are shown how. A few hot dogs and rootbeer floats afterwards doesn't hurt. Good luck

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