Moving a Norway Parkway Maple

mary_maxApril 15, 2009

Our neighbor asked my husband to help move her parkway maple that is about three years old. She grew it from seed. Smile Yes you know the one! Anyway she wants it to be in the back of her property. Probably a great idea as she has lots of land. We were looking at the tree and there are roots near the surface that are as round as a dime. Can this root be cut off when we move it or do we need to keep the long root in tack. I thought perhaps my husband could just take the shovel and slice through it and continue to dig the tree out. But he was not sure he would kill the neighbors tree. Thanks for your help with this question. Hes hoping to move it by Friday as he has the day off.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If she grew it from seed it's not a 'Columnarbroad' (Parkway), it's a seedling Norway maple. As Norway maple is a terrible pest in much of North America moving it to the back of her property, where it can then seed out into the surrounding landscape (if it is not already infested) could be a bad idea.

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Yes I understand your thoughts but it is not my decision. Can anyone help with our project scheduled for tomorrow morning. Thanks again.

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