My Beautiful Maple Has No Leaves

jackiemarylandApril 21, 2010

It's late April and every tree in the neighborhood has leaves except my gorgeous big maple - not sure which kind. I can take a picture and email you if you need. It must be about at least 30-50 years old and has been healthy as long as we have lived here (10 years). It had some stingy, fingery leaf buds and only about a dozen leaves.

I was going to call an arborist - there is a good one in the area that will try to convince the homeowner to save the tree before taking it down - but I wanted to see if anybody had any ideas.

We had unheard of snow this year - normally we get only about 1' per year cummulatively. We had over 3' in a 24 hour period and then another 1' a day later in February. Maybe this had something to do with it.

We would be heartbroken if this tree was dying.

Please let me know what you think.



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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

:( Sucks.

I'm assuming a 40 year old maple is about 50 foot tall? Is the tree overhanging your house or anything important to you?

If not, waiting a few months will be a good indicator if it is dead. No leaves by July4th would seem like a dead or too close to dead tree to me.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Is it a Japanese maple? (You say you're not sure)

My Japanese maples are leafing, but the big Sugar maples aren't as far along.


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sandy25pr(z6 NY)

Have the exact same situation. Tree trimming guy says wait a little bit to see if it leafs out more, but he thinks it will have to come down as its probably dying. Should I have an arborist look at it? Will be heartbroken if it has to go- my children used to climb in it.

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