Help Identify Maple Tree (Autumn Blaze?)

rhdinsApril 22, 2012

I have two maple trees in my back yard that I really like. There are a handful of aspens that I don't like. Anyway, I'm getting rid of the aspens and I want to plant the same kind of maple, but I can't decide what type it is exactly. I've narrowed it down to Autumn Blaze, or Armstrong, or Silver maple.

They don't get any fruit/seeds, the leaves start out red, turn green in the summer, and then red again in the fall. I'm leaning towards Autumn Blaze, but it has qualities of an armstrong maple too. I don't think it looks very columnar though, so that is why I'm thinking it's an autumn blaze.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Stay away from anything that has silver maple genes, which includes Autumn Blaze. I would look into October Glory if I were you

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Absolutely nothing wrong with any of the Freeman maples - they are widely planted across much of the country and Autumn Blaze is perhaps the most widely sold and planted maple cultivar in the world. The freemans combine the best features of both species - red maple and sugar maple.

Based only on your description and the form of the tree, I'd guess Autumn Blaze as well. Not nearly tightly columnar enough for Armstrong. But it would take an examination of the tree in proper leaf together to be assured of a correct ID.

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