Acer Palmatum Emperor 1 Frost Damage?

picea(6A Cinci- Oh)April 18, 2007

Anyone in the midwest or other areas that have been effected by the late freeze have Emperor 1. If so how did it do? It is suppose to leaf out 1-2 weeks after other palmatums so it may have missed that bad weather. David

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

I have two E1's ( by mistake i usually only by one of a cultivar) One is completly toasted the other more protected has a few scant leaves ...the fireglow on the otherhand has alot of new leaves and is in the same exposed area as the toasted E1...even the Umegae that sits about 12 ft away in the same area has a few leaves but the exposed E1 NO...The E1 may leaf out a bit LTR but not enough this time...BTW my Yubae left uncovered all but the coldest (19 degree)night of the 8-10 below freezing nights looks untouched fully leafed now and virtually perfect...full report in a few weeks LTR david

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Fortunately, my Emperor was growing in a pot, so I moved it into the garage for a few days during the hard freeze. It didn't get as cold in NC as Midwest, but we still had a couple nights where the low got down to about 27 or so. My Emperor was just starting to leaf out, so it probably would have been damaged.

Several of my dissectums that were planted in the ground (Garnet, Crimson Queen, Red Dragon and Viridis) had minor leaf burn from the freeze but nothing major. Red Dragon seens to have suffered the most burn, but that was probably due to its location more than the variety. It was in a more exposed location and the winds were very persistent during the cold snap.

My A. japonicum Acontifolium was just starting to leaf out and at first appeared to have a lot of damage. The leaves all appeared to be hanging limp after the freeze. However, it has bounced back and seems to be fine now -- except that the deer keep nibbling on it for some reason. It's my only JM that the deer have ever bothered.

I had about a dozen JMs in containers that I moved into the garage during the freeze, and I probably would have had a lot more damage if I hadn't done so.

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I live in North Carolina, Zone 7b, and my E1 was completely leafed out and it was severely damaged; according to the NOAA weather history, for my area, it got down to 22 degrees on the coldest of those nights. I have 20 JM trees damaged, and some of the limbs look like they are dieing but the trunks still look I am trying to remain hopeful. My 3 y/o, graft, orangeola has very small leaves pushing, much smaller than the orginal leaves; it doesn't look like I am going to have pretty trees this year. Allthe other trees are still bare/w burned dead leaves still clinging on. I just can't believe how upset I am over my trees, I feel some what depressed when I look at them, or think about them. I am sure you all can relate, but my husband thinks I am being silly...and know he doesn't understand. -Ivy

Here is a link that might be useful: App-A-Lot Ranch

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