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veilchen(5b southern Maine)May 20, 2006

Does anyone have a contact (name/phone #, or website) for the garden club that is in the Boothbay region?

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Go to Maine, like all states, is divided into districts. Click on Medomak District. There you will see a list of garden clubs in that district. Some have websites, including one in Boothbay. There may be more than one GC in Boothbay--I don't know. There is also the email for the District Director and you can email her for info.

Note there is a national group to which the Maine federation of GCs belongs. It is National Garden Clubs, Inc. The website is That site has links to the various state federations, which in turn include links to individual garden clubs that have websites--more and more every day.

If you can't find a club this way, call the local public library which usually has a list of local community organizations and contact info. The snobby days are long over (in most cases!)--ya'll come!

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Thanks Ginny. I am pres. of a garden club in southern Maine and wanted to speak to someone up in Boothbay about the possibility of our members visiting some gardens up there this summer.

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Well, that sounds like fun. Can't think of anything nicer than being in a Maine garden in the summer. Bet they'll ask to come see your club's gardens one day too. That's actually a great idea--hope it all works out for your club.

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If you are coming to Boothbay then this is a must check out the web site The garden club has a summer house and garden tour I think its in July. That would be a great time to have your garden club visit.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

thanks, 5meows. We will be visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden that day. We will have a couple of hours in between our visit to Eartheart Gardens in Harpswell and CMBG, thought it would be nice to make another garden-related stop. We considered the idea of attending a garden tour, but decided it would be a bit difficult with a bus and 30+ people with the timeline.

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