Hosta 'Beauty Queen'

hostahillbilly(4)July 27, 2012

There's one other similar one to this out there, but a few 'experts' have told us and others that this one is enough different to warrant introduction . . .



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Such a beautidul plate too. Too nice to sit outdoors.

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HH, is the other one also called Beauty Queen? I saw one by that name in Hosta Library. When I was seeing how many "Queens" there were is when I ran across it.

Your Beauty Queen is a real looker. Look forward to hearing it is going to the big time.

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hooked, the plate goes indoors in winter.

moc, this is the one and only plant you see on HL, well, other than the divisions that have been sent elsewhere for evaluation, and one that was purchased on HL Auction for Brian and Virginia Skaggs...


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That's a beautiful hosta, Hillbilly. I want some! Love the blue greens.

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The 'plate' is a bone of contention between me and Bevie.

I like to 'sit' on the benches around the garden, she likes to 'decorate' them.

Sometime I'll have to upload a pic of how I use the wheelbarrows to 'relax' in, but u may have seen that post last year under my 'garden tools' posting list?


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HH, have the Missus post up her very special Beauty Queen. It deserves to be in the mix with my other Queens and royalty....Dancing Queen, Fragrant Queen, Dream Queen, Queen Josephine, Queen of the Seas, Dixie Queen, Diana Remembered, Princess Anastasia, King of Spades, Fragrant King, Marquis, ....I guess Majesty is royalty as well? Royal Standard or Royal Flush maybe stretching it?

I did not find Beauty Queen in the HOSTA FINDER 2012. Do you plan to make it available and when possibly? You can put me on the list for some of it....maybe at First Look in an auction?

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It looks like clarification is in order.

H. 'Beauty Queen', a sport of H. 'Dorothy' my wife divided about 10 years ago is the only one.

There are a few divisions of it in a few other gardens in other zones to ensure it's reliable.

The only problem, so far, is that the one that Kathy Sisson won in the Brian and Virginia Skaggs support auction last year died on her, so Bevie sent her a replacement.

As for future availability, I made a few cursory calls last and earlier this year to try to figure out how one goes about the process of getting it into TC, but didn't really get it figured out.

Perhaps someday I will and it will be 'on the market', along with Bevie's H. 'Baby Bear' (registered) and (as yet unregistered) H. 'Jitterbug', and some of the 'Bear' series she's been working on over the years.

With premature ones prone to, dare I say 'reversion' out there such as H. 'Revolution' and H. 'Jewel of the Nile', we don't EVEN want to go there. From what we've seen, a typical Hosta should probably be grown for about 10 years and in several zones before it is introduced, formally.

as always, fwiw,


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