Has anyone tried Knockout Roses in zone 4 or 5?

mehearty(So ME z5a)May 14, 2006

Our local garden center has some lovely KO roses in a beautiful deep red. The plants are not guarenteed, but are zoned to 4. I'm itching to dig up an underperforming stewartsonian azalea & plant this guy. The site gets about 6 hours of morning sun.

Any experience? Thank you.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

I love to grow roses but haven't tried Knock Out. They do have a good reputation for being easy care. Sometimes the vendors are pushing it when they say a rose is hardy to zone 4. Go ask on the rose forum here at Gardenweb, there are probably a lot of people who have grown KO in zone 4/5 and can tell you how they do.

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I would like to know too. I saw these roses in the Fort Worth Botanical Garden last month and they really were a knockout. I wondered if they would grow up here so I hope you'll tell us if you find out.

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Thank you for responding. I ended up getting one because I couldn't resist a true red rose for zone 4. Our local garden center said they should be no problem here.I just haven't been able to plant her yet due to the rain. I'll keep you guys posted especially a year from now. =)

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maineflowergirl(z4 Maine)

I just got a red knockout rose too and am hoping it will do well. The reviews of them being prolific with flowers and easy to care for make it worth a try. The roses are very pretty. The buds are deep red, but I would say the flowers really are more of a deep pink, aging to a lighter pink. I have seen the ones that they call pink and they are a lighter pink than this red one.

Joanie D.

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daylilylady(z5 ME)

I bought a KO about a month ago. I was in a rush and put the pot in with my planted roses. I totally forgot that I even bought it (never mind water it). A couple of days ago I remembered not planting it and even though the pot was dry as a bone, that little rose was blooming it's heart out. I sure hope it survives z5b winters because I can truly say it survives drought conditions.

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