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sommar(5)May 14, 2010

I'm looking for a fast growing vine, annual or perennial, to cover a trellis on our front porch. I could plant it in the ground, but would prefer to plant it in a planter on the floor. The ground already has bush and other plants that I'd rather not move. Any suggestions for zone 5. - Want to stay away from Boston Ivy and Virginia Creeper because of the difficulty repainting the railing where their little feet would attach.

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For an annual vine, it's hard to beat sweet peas. It's a little late to be planting them, but they grow quickly and the older varieties have a marvelous scent. Keep blooming forever if you keep them cut . . .

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Thank you for that suggestion. I will try sweet peas next year. How early do they need to be planted? Found little pots of Cathedral Bell vine, about a foot long, at a local garden stand. Will transplant them today in larger pots. They are supposed to be very fast growing.

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what about clematis the die to the ground every year and they very pretty blooms.

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