OMG...hostas coming.....

hostacats(zone 3b)July 28, 2014

I just got an email that my hosta order is packed and ready for shipment tomorrow. Yikes I have 20 of them coming....and I thought they would have been here already. My problem is I am leaving for camping on Aug 1st- 10th. My shipment will arrive when I am gone!!!! I will have my daughter pick up my mail for me, but what do I tell her to do with live plants???? Just keep them in the garage unopened or opened or what?? I don't think she should submerge them in water for days though. Any ideas????


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mstrecke(z8 Seattle)

If she can come by and change the water every day preferred or every other day, sitting in water in the garage would be fine. I had a huge Naylor order come in on a Monday... plants sat in water till Saturday with me changing the water once a day.

They did not seem to mind and did skip a beat after I planted them.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

call the seller and delay the order .... its probably going to the PO today.. monday ... i hope you thought of that sunday ...


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Michelle, if the do arrive while you are gone, they must be opened up. They cannot stay for two weeks in the darkness without fresh air and water.

I do not know if plants from that nursery are bare root shipped or shipped in pots. Have you ordered from them before? If in containers, no problem. Just unpack and water, and keep in the shade all day. No hot sunshine, but where there is some light.

If they are bare root, listen to others. I've never kept any hosta in water for more than two days, no help here.

Hope you can delay the shipment.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Good morning! You may reach them in time, but I doubt they'll hold on to your shipment if it's packed already.

What's wrong with keeping them in water? even for 10 days??? All your sister has to do is change the water, every other day if every day might be a burden. I've kept large divisions in water for weeks...sure didn't hurt them...their roots were beautiful! Plants are great...keep crowns above water and they are good to go. The reason for water change is to prevent rot. The longest I left it one time was 3 harm done..every other day is best..keep in shade - out of direct sun.

If I could get my hands on a site....I saw a Chinese store display their hostas in clear vases where the roots were visible...that is how they stored them until they were sold.

I think there sometimes may be some confusion between waterlogged roots that are in the ground, as opposed to clean roots in water....that is changed frequently.

Enjoy your camping trip! Would love to see your hostas once you are back and settled in from your vacation. :-)


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Thistle and Maize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

If they're shipped bare root, I was thinking I would buy a couple of bags of potting medium and leave them sitting out in a shade spot and cut open the bags. Then I'd ask whoever is receiving my order to open and simply stick the roots in the bags and water for me, maybe a couple of times depending on how long I'd be gone. Temporary planting. Just an idea.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

A garden in a bag! Brilliant! Poke drainage holes into one flat side, turn bag over, open bag, inert hostas, Voila? Great idea!

This is the same as taking all hostas, en masse, and temporarily "planting" them in potting mix in wheelbarrow or big bin...all these suggestions would work.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Ken when the guy emailed me last night, the order was already packed and ready to go. This place picked up the order on the weekend. So today it was being shipped out. The hostas come bare root with leaves growing on top and with a little bit of dirt. I just don't want my daughter or sister to mix up the tags on me because I'll never know what they are. I can get her to open the small bag the roots and dirt are in, take off the dirt and insert in water that way so she doesn't take the tag off. The tag is just tucked into the elastic band that is holding the bag shut. Then I will get her to put in water and CHANGE the water every two days. If I happen to get them before I guess I can mass plant for now and then plant normal when I get home......gees what a pain.

Thistle I'm thinking of your idea too just for the time being, that sounds good. I can also empty the soil in my garden wagon and get her to temporarily plant them in there too.
Thanks guys for the advice. As long as I don't lose any of them.


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Hi Hostacats...They'll be just fine, these are good ideas, will work like a charm.

Your last potential 'problem'...No worries! Between your sales invoice and all the ID-hawks on this forum, should be a quick fix if your hostas happen to get mixed up : )

I'm sure many of us would like to see pics of your new plants when you get home, anyway, so...If you would...

Don B.

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I used Ken's excellent idea of writing the variety name with a sharpee on the smallest leaf upon unpacking . Last bare root order I received I was very glad when planting time came - reminded me of a failed school chemistry experiment when I forgot to label my test tubes :-)

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Michelle, I busted out laughing when I read your post addressing remarks to Ken.

I think you are hooked on hosta, my lady. The real reason you have a problem is because you are concerned about THE NAME TAGS GETTING SWAPPED. Oh, I see a hosta fanatic among us!

Oh, I just had to say that. They'll be okay, and get them to take pictures of the plant and the name tag, then put a number one, number 2 and such as that in each plant. Keep a list. Cell phones are great for keeping things straight.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Hahahaha moccasin I'm glad I made you laugh..........but, what was wrong with addressing Ken?? Is he a grouch or something??
I am hooked on hosta, and I am getting obsessed. I like to talk hosta and nobody really seems to care what I have to say!!! BUT like listen to me, I'm excited about these plants!! AND they look at me like I lost my marbles!!! LOL.........yeah I think I am a hosta fanatic, but I haven't started with the files and the albums and all. Well yes kind of I started making a file of a few hostas and the darn HVX photos, which I had lots of angles and such on my phone and lost them.
I'll get her to take pictures with her cell phone, and she can email to me so she can delete off her phone.
I like the idea of the sharpie pen on the smallest leaves.....think I'll get her to do that too!!. YES I AM SCARED THE TAGS WILL GET MIXED UP!!!!

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Michelle, I mentioned Ken so you'd know which post I was referring to. No other reason. It is great the way you are steaming full speed ahead. I realize you are no novice to hosta, have grown them for some time, BUT now you are EMPOWERED.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Oh lol ok no problem. yes I have been growing hostas for awhile but living in a small city you just get the regular hostas. Finding the HVX was a bad thing but it got me to come on the computer and find the forum which in this short time I've been on here I've learned sooooo much from you guys, and the amounts of wonderful hostas that are available online is fabulous. NO MORE LOCAL SHOPPING for me!! I like the fact that you guys know what you are talking about, and the fact you have so many I never even heard of before and it makes me jealous that the amounts I have don't include all these wonderful ones. SO with that being said I will continue buying fancy names and just replace some of the more common ones since I have many doubles


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