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samplerMay 11, 2010

Hello all,

I'm starting a garden and have a quick question about rototilling. Is is necessary to remove the thatch from the lawn before rototilling a location for a garden? My plans are simple and small but the back breaking process of remove the thatch is beyond my ability.

Also, I plan on adding compost and peat moss to the location and mixing well. My soil is very moist and compact and I hope that this will help with drainage and ground breathing.

I will be planting Hops as my main plant, but will be adding other perennials in the surrounding area. Possibly veggies next years.

This is my first attempt at a garden of any sort so any information or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,


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if you are pushing a rototiller, i think i would go thru with a small shovel and just clear the top inch or so of
whatever is growing there, if you can. we rototill every year and you'd think it would get easier. weeds will come right back en masse (they'll come up anyways, just less quickly and with less ferocity) if you dont remove some of the grassy stuff on top. depends too how big your plot will be. been rototilling by hand for years - my advice - make a friend with a small tractor owner :)

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