Lopsided Shishigashira Maple

julieherb(8, UK)May 15, 2012

I recently moved a neglected Shishigashira maple to a new site in the garden. It had been in a location that was heavily shaded on one side. The branches grew much more strongly on one side than the other so it looks lopsided. I planted it so the side that had fewer branches will get more sun than the overgrown side, in the hope that this will encourage it to even itself out (not sure if this was the right thing to do). I'm just wondering whether there is anything else I can do? Should I wait until the autumn to prune it so it looks more even? Thanks for your help.

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I would give it some time.
Don't know about anyone else but I find pruning to be easiest in the early spring right before the tree leafs out- it is so much easier to see the structure and select the correct cuts.

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