What Species of maple is this?

gardener_guy(6)May 18, 2011

Acer... What kind of Maple do I have?

To see maple:

Here is a link that might be useful: Maple Pictures

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

As posted in the other forum thread you linked:

It almost looks like some sort of cross between red maple and silver maple. The leaves look like what you would get if you combined the two about 50/50. But that is not possible is it? We have TONS and TONS of both Silver and Red maples around here, and I can say that I don't think I have ever seen any sort of cross. Even the growth habit seems kind of crossed between a young silver maple and red maple. Do you have a photo of the tree the seed came from? Do you have a positive ID on that tree? Just a shot in the dark really, but thats kind of what it looks like to me.

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Is there anywhere I can send a clipping of this tree to a lab and have them find out where it came from? Like in humans they get a swab of DNA and test where your genes are from like South African or German or something.

Gardener Guy.

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