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dawgie(z7NC)May 20, 2008

Has anyone actually received their orders for Japanese maples from World Plants this spring? Just curious. I placed an order back in March, expecting it in 2-3 weeks, and still got nothing. I emailed them in mid-April and they said their orders were running late, but they expected to ship in early May. I finally received an email from US Postal Service yesterday saying my order had shipped ... which causes another aggravation. USPS won't leave boxes at the door, so that means I'll have to go pick up the plants at the post office. Grrr ...

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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

I ordered from them once. It was fine. They have a note on their site that they had a major grafting failure...

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Finally got my JMs from World Plants, but I only got one of the varieties I ordered and two substitutions. There was a note with my order about their grafting failures. I doubt if I will order from them again as this is the second or third problem I have had with orders. Twice they have simply sent me the wrong plants, and twice they have substituted other varieties with a note. Oh well, the trees all look to be nice specimens if I can find a place for them.

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Dawg, What did you order, and what did they use for subs?

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

They have always sent me what I ordered. The plants were healthy but small first years graft but I got what I paid for and for the price they have a huge selection of cultivars. David

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I ordered Beni tsukasa, Beni hoshi and Hanami nishiki. Of those, I received Beni hoshi, and they substituted Oregon Sunset and Shishigashira for the others. Looking back, I think I did indicate on my order that I would accept substitutions, so I can't fault them for that. However, two other times they have just sent me the wrong tree, but they have always made good when there were problems. I guess I am just frustrated because the order took so long to deliver and I'm not sure where to put the two substitutions. I have a pretty small yard and choose my selections carefully so they can fit specific areas, and I'm not sure if I've got the right spot for the substitutions. Also, I had ordered an Ojishi from another source this spring and it is very similar to Shishigashira but more dwarf, which is better for my yard.

On the other hand, I feel bad for World Plants because I'm sure they are taking a big hit due to the grafting problems. Almost all of the trees I have received from them over the years have been nice, and their web site is a great resource.

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Dawg, Thats what i was curious about, if they took into consideration the growing conditions required for the ones ordered, compared to the ones substituted. Sounds like your keeping an open mind ! AL

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In my first order from WP, one of the trees was supposed to be Emperor. As a new graft, it was hard to tell if it was correct, but the following year when it leafed out it was clearly one of the linearilobum varieties. I've since figured out it is Beni otaki, a very nice tree but not what I ordered. WP sent me a replacement Emperor at no charge. Another time I ordered a second-year Seiryu that they had on sale, but what I got was a variegated variety that I never figured out what it was. I specifically did not want a variegated variety because they tend burn up in our hot NC summers, so WP replaced that with a very nice Seiryu that has grown into a beautiful tree. The big problem that time was that the variegated tree was also infested with mites, which ended up getting on my other trees and was a real headache to get rid of.

Overall, however, I am very pleased with WP and their plants and service. When there have been problems, they have corrected them, which is about all you can ask for from a business. We all make mistakes, and what's important is that you do your best to fix them.

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It's been 4 weeks and I still haven't got my order. I ordered Emerald Lace and I didn't think there would be much competition to get it because it is green. Still haven't heard a word from them.


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I just got my order in - only 1/2 the trees came.

The graft failures really put them in a bind, and they are having a hard time even returning e-mails. You can imagine how much extra work this must be causing them.

I have been thrilled with their trees so far, and will order from them again. This was a bad piece of luck for them, but so far they have had great prices on their trees and I have gotten what I asked for (except this last time).

Here's what I ordered and what I recieved:

A. p. 'Akita yatsubusa' - FAILED
A. p. 'Elmwood' - Recieved
A. p. 'Katsura' - Recieved
A. p. 'Komichi hime' - FAILED
A. p. 'Orange Dream' - Recieved
A. p. 'Shindeshojo' - Recieved
A. p. 'Wou nishiki' - FAILED

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I finally got my Emerald Lace. It looks great and so I'm a happy camper.


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