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loisluzMay 17, 2008

My friend lives in Alpine NJ. He let me take a small Red Japanese Maple Tree that is about 8" highh. I took it to my mom's place in Bronx, NY where she lives on the 11th floor. I put the baby tree outside the balcony and a couple of days later the leaves started to wither and cry. Her home attendents says that becos of the altitude the cold wind gave it a bad beating. Was it too early to remove from the ground? I get a feeling from the way it looks it will not last. Will someone please help me save this tree.

Thank you,

A desperate tree lover.

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It all depends if you took enough soil with the seedling and if it was leafed out so yes it got battered by the canyon winds. That happens to the best of us. Put in a protected area and mist a couple times a day. Maybe it will come back, maybe not, but you would have learned a lesson.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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